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It's Time to Grow Your Business

But a lot stands in the way...

  • Automating your marketing can get overly complicated

  • The cost of adverting is increasing substantially every year

  • "Experts" teach common knowledge or only a small piece of their strategy

  • Everything you've tried so far hasn't gotten you the results you want

  • You've spent countless hours trying to grow on social media

  • You don't have a marketing list and don't know where to start

If you struggle with any of these, I've got you covered.


It's time to get your marketing on track.

Automate Your Marketing

The fastest way to build an automated marketing system that delivers results

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Countless bloated courses fail to get you results, wasting your time and leaving you frustrated. 
Growing your business doesn’t have to be hard and shouldn’t require every hour of your time. 


With Video Ads Mastermind, you’ll learn how to build an automated system designed to generate sales consistently and predictably.

Your Growth Action Plan

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Step Three. Automate, Scale, & Grow your Business

You’re going to learn how to build and automate the entire process so you can focus on what matters most.

So Much Can Change in 6 Weeks

Welcome to High-Impact Marketing

  • Get Your Customers Excited to Buy From You

    Win over your customers every time with the Customer Result Framework.

  • Create High Converting Videos Like a Pro

    No experience? No problem. You'll learn several ways to create video ads that will convert.

  • Get Clarity on Who You Serve & How to Reach Them

    With the Target Audience Canvas, you will learn who your target customers are, where they can be found, and how you can reach them.

  • The Sales Strategy That Works All the Time so You Don't Have to

    With your customer journey automated, your business can grow 24 hours per day, seven days a week, while you spend time doing what you love.

Meet Your Coach

Hunter Anderson, MBA
Digital Strategist

  • MBA from a top-10 program

  • Built a 7-figure consulting firm in 12 months

  • Now teaches entrepreneurs how to scale and automate their marketing

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The fastest way to build an automated marketing system that delivers results

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